Helping you meet the challenges of a traveling exhibit and taking full responsibility for its implementation is how we define our company.  Below are three ways that we can help.


Once you have determined that your exhibition is travel ready, we will assist you with:

  • Interactive and media system development
  • Equipment selection and sustainability considerations
  • Casework design
  • Lighting equipment and design
  • Backup systems and spare equipment lists
  • Labeling and tracking systems
  • Organization and final packing


The challenges of Venue installation can be greatly reduced with our staff implementing:

  • A review of the Venue floor plan to come up with the most time-effective use of resources
  • Creating an installation plan and working with the Venue’s team to install all media and interactive components
  • The training of the Venue’s team on regular maintenance and troubleshooting procedures
  • The integration of translated media and interactive components as needed


After the installation, maintaining the exhibit and dealing with unexpected issues becomes the primary focus.  Our veteran staff is always available to:

  • Coordinate equipment swap-outs and repairs
  • Perform remote systems and equipment troubleshooting
  • Provide on-site repairs as needed
  • Coordinate the De-installation process and the packing of all A/V Components
  • Work to identify equipment replacements/upgrades for the next venue