Lift Trucks Project space is an exhibition and event space for art lovers, artists, collectors and curators


From the Lift Trucks Project Website.  More to come soon!

A few years ago, some artists noticed the vine-covered, almost abandoned building. Being driven out of just about everywhere else, they landed here. The red enamel Lift Trucks lettering on the outside wall was left up as they were too lazy to think of a new name and so began what we have today, working artist’s studios and an ongoing exhibition space. As a PR man might say, ” A new enterprise sprang to life out of the ruins of an old industry ,” or something like that. In an uncharacteristic dose of sanity, common sense and a desire to get along (also in compliance with town code) the artists live well out in the country. But they love crowds of company and that great space in the building solved their social problem.